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[NPC] Katerina Scherbatsky Nina-Dobrev-Photo-shoot-selena_01-19273389-290-399
Katerina Scherbatsky
Toreador ¦ Harpy
Katerina Scherbatsky wrote:"I don't get angry at people, I just remind myself that Karma is a bigger bitch than I could ever be."

St Petersburg was a Camarilla city up until around 1918, the only one in Russia to be exact. She had been embraced years before the city finally fell. In the months leading up to the cities fall she moved quickly to secure emergency plans should the worst happen. When the city fell she attempted to flee but was torpored by two of the Sabbat, her ghouls managed to fight them off and loaded her into an ornate sarcophagus. Her original destination was to be London however in an attempt to remove her from the city as quickly as possible she was loaded onto a ship bound for New York. Her two ghouls were killed before the ship left.

The Sarcophagus sat in storage in the New York Port Authority as it was unclaimed, eventually in 1980 it was sold to the Brooklyn Museum. In the year 2000 she awoke and rather that relocate to London she stayed in New York.


Freedom City is a city state and although the city has a significant cash flow it is always looking to get bigger and better. Katerina has been a frequent visitor to the city ever since 2001, helping to develop the cities Theater District which previously had some big theaters but was not on the same level as Broadway or Londons West End. It took 15 years to get the citys Theater District to that level and its something that brings in more tourists and therefore more money.

Katerina owns 3 of the cites theaters and has recently purchased a 4th which happens to be the oldest theater in the city. The Kings Leow theater is undergoing major renovations and it looks like this will continue for some time.

After the Cataclysm Katrina moved to Freedom City from New York to help in the cities time of need.


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